Executive | Efficient

Executive|efficient is designed to help women transform their relationship with time and get the right things done. 

In this streamlined 30-day program, which consists of three private sessions, you will reconnect to your vision, begin to eliminate the non-essentials that are zapping your time and energy, and focus on your priorities. 

Depending on your needs, in this program we will explore how to efficiently:

  • Delegate the right essential activities.
  • Simplify and streamline your schedule.
  • Navigate your conversations with ease.
  • Reconnect to your vision and purpose. 

All of our programs are based on our three underlying principles of simplicity, inspiration, and alignment, combined with the structure, assessment, and sequence that allows for long-term, sustainable results. 

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Executive | empowered

Executive|empowered is our foundational program created for executives ready to authentically navigate their career and lives with confidence. 

In this 6-month program, you will be taken on a journey tailored to maximize your greatest potential as a woman executive.  Our program content is designed to uplevel your self-knowledge and awareness, and build a strong foundation of clarity, confidence, and connection.

Foundational topics include:

  • Creating your career and life vision.
  • Optimizing your energy and wellness.
  • Developing a personal plan for success.
  • Spending your time right.
  • Revolutionizing your relationships.
  • Communicating with confidence. 

Executive|empowered provides women executives with the structure and sequence for continual learning and momentum, as well as the space for transformational personal and professional growth.  This integration of professional skills with real personal development is what leads to leadership greatness and life happiness today. 

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