Christy Venza
Break Free from Burnout!
Christy Venza

A welcome from Christy Venza, career success coach.

I’m Christy Venza and I’ve been here helping women overcome the overwhelm to thrive in their career since 2015.  This work we do here is so important to me, because I know just how critical it is for high-achieving, powerful, desire-filled women, like you, to succeed on their terms.  This is where we see positive change on both the micro and macro levels; with inspired women who are ready to let go, be guided, and lean into their potential.

And often times as we charge forward, step up, and stretch we find ourselves burned out, stressed out, and tuned out. And we wear our exhaustion as a badge of honor. We see overwhelm as a sign of success. Or rather no overwhelm as a sign of playing it small or not pulling our weight. Overwhelm becomes our norm. And this simply doesn’t have to be true.  When women are ready and available to start showing up differently – present in the moment, intentional, vulnerable, mindful, aligned, and unavailable for the internal drama – they will then see their truth. They will easily access their biggest dreams and desires, and take more aligned action to get the results they truly want.  They become available for more ease, flow, and uncertainty, and take a stand for the career and life they are meant to live. 

So I welcome you to Savvy Women Leaders, where we tap into a unique combination of cognitive, emotional, and spiritual-based resources to help women in business overcome stress and create a career lifestyle that lights them up. This is where doing what you love, showing up in a way that feels aligned and authentic, setting your boundaries, and living a mindful, fun, productive and successful life becomes your new normal.

I cannot wait to see you flourish! xx Christy

  • “Christy has been great to work with. Through these months of consulting with her, she has guided me to have a better understanding of the strengths I bring to my organization, has gently pushed me to work towards achieving my goals, and has provided me tools to help both me and my business succeed. By working with her, I have gained more confidence, and as a result, have been enjoying my work and relationships more .” – Tammy Johnson, CEO and President, Atrium

  • "Christy is incredible at listening to the situation, getting to the core, and asking the right questions at the right time. As a result of Christy’s coaching, I now feel more confident and secure that I can manage being an entrepreneur AND a good mom and how it all connects together. I feel much better about asking others for help and not letting what other people think of me hold me back from living my purpose." - Estelle Williams, Entrepreneur and Leadership Coach

  • “I started working with Christy right after I joined a start-up company… Our sessions focused significantly on communication, branding and telling my story within a business framework. She helped me navigate both external and internal communications for my professional and personal well-being. I enjoyed going to work, and a big part of that was due to the relationships Christy helped me build with clients and within my own company.” – Ashley Lucia, Principal, RedPath Partners.

  • “Working with Christy has been a transformational experience. Through her exploratory questions and structured approach, she guided me on a journey of increased self-awareness and clarity. She helped me to recognize where I was spending energy and make a conscious decision to focus on activities that would enable my strategic vision. Christy’s coaching program has been an enlightening experience and an invaluable investment for my career.” – Kelly Smith, Business Planning Manager

  • " When I found Christy, I jumped at the opportunity to book an appointment with her. I opened a new business a few months ago and presented a multitude of questions to Christy. She was incredibly skilled in organizing my thoughts, questions and prioritizing what we would address during our time together. Christy quickly and effectively helped me find the answers I needed and guided me towards my goals. By the end of our time together, I was energized, excited and fueled to continue to work hard to make my business a success. I felt positive and uplifted. Christy is a skilled professional and it is easy to establish a rapport with her kind and warm manner. I highly recommend meeting with Christy. She will surely guide you along towards success."

    Kim Conway, A Centered Self, LLC.

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