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Savvy Women Leaders

Helping female executives and high-achieving women live powerful and fulfilled lives both at work and home. 


In 2014, I walked away from a thriving corporate career to take some time at home with my one-year old and officially start my executive coaching business. It was one of the biggest decisions I made and I learned many lessons along the way. One critical lesson I learned is that it’s not about doing different things, but about doing the same things differently. The success, balance, and impact I have experienced since leaving my corporate career was not a result of escaping my job, as I thought would be the case, but rather a result of changing perspectives, resetting my mindset, starting with self, and consciously creating a fulfilled life on my terms.

Our process at Savvy Women Leaders teaches women how to live a powerful and fulfilled life without falling back into the continuous cycle of burnout and doubt. Together we help you shift perspective and create the right strategies to naturally support and guide you through the peaks and valleys of your career. And we coach you through building the foundation for a thriving, fulfilled life. 

Our mission is to help high-achieving women redefine success and happiness and start confidently living life on their terms. 


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